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WebWizard For Ellucian

WebWizard is a remarkable, easy-to-use tool that allows you to develop sophisticated web pages from within your Ellucian environment. It will utilize your powerful education software to "webify" your database directly with flexibility.

WebWizard for Ellucian will seamlessly blend in your live data. That's right, live data directly from your Colleague or Benefactor Databases. No need to export, extract, or convert data which are already outdated from the moment they are copied. WebWizard will allow you to interact directly with your users and update your files simply by clicking the submit button.

WebWizard supports a broad scope of browsers allowing your students and faculty to access your web pages from Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mobile browsers, and even Web-TV. Using our wwRApp product you can build your own Mobile App.

WebWizard is programmed and configured almost entirely from within Unidata database, with the typical Ellucian programmer in mind. As such, it requires little training. In fact, even programmers who have never touched HTML can design WebWizard web pages. Webwizard can generate HTML using conventional Unidata programming techniques. And for those who are accustomed to utilizing HTML generators such as FrontPage and DreamWeaver, can continue to do so with WebWizard. If there is a need to interact with XML, Java, Javascript, VBScript or other types of standards, WebWizard will also suppport such languages. And for staff who like the excel look and feel, can easily output data in excel format.

WebWizard has also addressed the concern for security. There is SSL support, encrypted communications, customized login routines to meet specific WebAdvisor or portal system, and restriction on executibles on your web site. In fact, ERIS utilizes these same security features in processing credit card transactions with our e-commerce software, which can also be utilized in any college bookstore environment.

ERIS is cofident that you will find WebWizard for Ellucian a valuable tool to develop and deploy your reports and programs. Moreover, it will allow your students and faculty to easily access and update pertinent information, all to efficiently the manage your database.

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