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The easy-to-use Web Wizard will get your Multi-Value Data Base on the Web today. With Insta-Pages, you can quickly create HTML pages that will read, display, and update your files. Do you need to have your inventory files online? Get Web Wizard! Do you want to put your order entry system online? Get Web Wizard!

We're in the process of picking out the locations of our regional talks. Let us know at comment@eriscorp.com if you would like a talk in your area.

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Web Wizard's Technical Features

  • You can connect your Data Base to the Web
    We support almost every Multi-Value Data Base flavor out there!

  • Design HTML pages yourself
    Don't be caught in a proprietary web design product. Today's web market moves too quickly to be tied down to any one company's web page designer. Web Wizard allows you to use Microsoft Frontpage, Hot Metal Pro, or any other advanced web design tool. Just upload your custom web page to the server!

  • Take advantange of standard free software
    If you don't want to purchase a web server, use free web server techologies to connect to your multivalue database.

  • Use Web Wizard for Internet access
    These web pages are ideal for sharing product inventories with your customer base. Give your customers and commercial partners the oportunity to do even more business with you.

  • Use Web Wizard for your Intranet
    These powerful pages work wonders for customer support, product registration, and contact management systems. Reduce training costs by using a browser front-end.

  • Use Web Wizard for Extranet access
    Have you wanted to share some of your business data with commercial partners? If training and desktop maintenance is cumbersome internally, then external support can be a nightmare. With Web Wizard, your business can take advantage of the intuitive browser interface, with far fewer support issues than today's typical client server environment.

  • Use BASIC
    Do you need to keep web training costs to a minimum? Web Wizard allows you to write ordinary multi-value BASIC code and customize any web page.

  • Generate display-only web pages
    If you want to display shipping statuses or product lines, then Web Wizard is for you. Share display-only data with ease!

  • Generate updatable web pages
    If you need to collect information, Web Wizard also allows you to update your server files.

  • Ensure secure web access
    Unlike other client-side web technologies, Web Wizard uses server technologies for a more secure environment. Data base security is enhanced because the client browser never knows how to actually log into your multivalue system. Morever, file structures are always kept hidden from web pages; your source files won't ever be read.

  • Call your existing subroutines
    Don't reinvent the wheel. Your existing subroutines, whether for to financial numbers or to maintain file indices, are completely usable using Web Wizard.

  • Defaults
    Do you have defaults for your form's fields that change under certain circumstances? Web Wizard allows you to customize your default rules... using BASIC!

  • Use templates for a consistent look and feel
    Don't create confusing web pages. With Web Wizard, you can choose to use templates to create a consistent look and feel for your site.

  • Compatible with VB

  • Use JavaScript or VBScript
    If you know how to deploy JavaScript or VBScript for client-side editing, you can include them in your HTML pages.

  • All HTML features are available
    Frames. Scripting. Images. Objects. Image maps. JAVA. You can deploy standard HTML features in your Web Wizard forms.

  • Forms can call other forms
    Your web forms can be used to call up any web page and also other Web Wizard forms

  • Develop Secure Menus
    Your Web Wizard form could actually be a secure set of links to specific web pages. Base these links on who is logging in!

  • Web Wizard's Insta-page
    If you have simple web forms that you'd like up and running, use Web Wizard's Insta-page program. It prompts your for file attributes then assembles a completely functioning page for you!

  • Web Wizard's Insta-page Exporter
    You can use Insta-page as simple starting point for more advanced programs. Use The Exporter program can create modifiable templates for you to enhance on your own.

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