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DataReady For Ellucian

DataReady is an easy to use reporting software tool that utilizes the power of your Unidata database and output data in the format you want. It directly uses live data from your Colleague and Benefactor files. No need to manipulate, isolate, convert or export your data to new database files. This means your students and faculty can view crucial up-to-date information online.

The simplicity of generating reports allows technical and administrative personnel to take advantage of DataReady. The user can take screen snapshots and use those pictures to select the fields to use in a report. This means the user will never need to know filenames or dictionary names. Pictured menus guide you to three simple steps. You point and click the data you want, the columns you desire, and then run the report. Yes, it's that simple! It is flexible to output your report to a browser, Excel, e-mail, and static files. The reports can be mobile by interacting with Palm Pilots and cell phones. You also have the option to save the report for future use or even share it with other staff or departments.

DataReady also uses your existing security definitions, restricting access to specific dictionary items. If sales personnel are prohibited from accessing data from payroll, they will also not be able to view the data online. And for secured reports, you can validate user identification.

For more detailed information, please review the DataReady Fact Sheet .

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