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Sophisticated information systems always seem to need another upgrade. Make it client-server. Make it Windows-oriented. Connect it to the Web. Is there an app for that? You've got expertise in-house, but you may find it difficult to move your projects forward when you're busy fighting fires. Sometimes you just want to talk to professionals who can bridge the gap between the technical world and the business world.
eris specializes in the development and implementation of Internet business computing systems. Our experience can help you
  • improve your business flow
  • reduce risks
  • control costs
  • exploit the information you already have
  • host your e-Commerce site

eagle rock information systems has considerable experience bringing your legacy applications to today's desktops. Custom Windows software can add to the functions available to your users. With sophisticated desktop integration tools, you can advance your existing programs into a robust Windows environment. NT-based database integration delivers full enterprise power to your desktop. UNIX-based servers in conjunction with advanced desktops may offer the best mix of scalability, manageabiity and uptime for your 24x7 company. You can depend on the experience at
eagle rock information systems.

We have experts who can handle any of your business computing needs.
iPhone App Development
Android App Development
HTML5 App Development
Web Wizard Custom Programming
mv://e-Store Custom Programming
ETC Online Custom Programming
iCare Custom Programming
Colleague Custom Programming
TOADS Custom Programming
Intranet Web Development
Internet Services
Database Management
  • including jBase, Informix Unidata, Informix uniVerse, Informix PI/Open, PRIME, Raining Data D/3, Raining Data Pick, MS-SQL Server & Access Visual Basic Development
    NT IIS Active Server Integration
    EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
    Marketing and Sales Automation
    PCs, Macs, and even ASCII terminals
    UNIX and Windows NT networks
    Imaging Integration
    Project Management
    Consulting Services

  • when searching for
    sensible e-business solutions
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