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mv://e-Store For Ellucian

The mv://e-Store kit will get your school's bookstore up on the Web immediately! You can easily customize its look and feel. mv://e-Store will directly access your Unidata database and integrate your existing programs, and reports online.

Take advantage of integrating credit card processing to your e-commerce business. Automatic Credit card processing is one way you can increase profits by decreasing the amount of time it takes to accurately process a credit card transaction. ERIS has partnered with Total Computing Solutions to provide a seamless integration with their credit card processing system called Totalink, a software used in over 300 stores.

mv://e-Store has built-in full security and logging verifications. It also provides email confirmations.

mv://e-Store's Features

  • The Best Customer Shopping Basket
    • Shopping Basket
    • Product Search
    • Drill through Product Lines
    • Images of every product
    • Quick List of Sales
    • Customer Preferences
    • Instant Purchase
    • Order Status
    • Include taxes, shipping, and more

  • The Best Retailer Software
    • Customize it yourself
    • Product Interest Reports
    • Inventory Reports
    • Sales History Reports
    • Optional Credit Card verification

  • Instant e-Commerce Site
    Don't delay your e-Commerce implementation. It's vital that your web site serve as more than just a marketing brochure. Your bookstore inventory can be online almost immediately!

  • Easy to Use
    Don't hire teams of consultants. You can set up mv://e-Store in less than a day.

  • Developer's Kit
    We know your profitability depends on integration with your data base. We have easy to use parameters and subroutines to connect the mv://e-Store to your existing Unidata database. Use all of your existing files and subroutines.


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