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ETC Online

Electronic Time Cards allows you to easily manage local as well as remote hours of your staff. Use it for billing, project management and cost analysis.

What Employees See

You won't need to worry about some of the billing functions. All you need to know is how to enter hours for your companies, projects, and tasks.
You can

  • Enter hours for a Client
         1. Choose the client
         2. Enter the date, project, task, hours, and comments
         3. Save. You're done!
    Sample Screen 1

  • Enter hours for a Client
         1. Enter the date
         2. Enter the client, task, hours, comments and project
         3. Save. You're done!
    Sample Screen 2

  • Edit your hours for a Client
         1. Choose the client
         2. Change the date, hours, or comment
         3. Save. You're done!

  • Report your hours for a Client
         1. Choose the client
         2. Run the report!

  • Report your hours for a Date
         1. Choose the date range
         2. Run the report!

  • Report Client Details
         1. Choose the client
         2. Run the report!

    What Administrators See

    You have complete control of the billable hours. First, you let your employees enter their hours directly. When you're ready to begin the billing cycle, review the hours and close out the open entries.

    You have several categories of functions at your fingertips.

  • Administer of Accounts
  • Manage Your Clients
  • Add or Edit Staff Time Cards
  • Reports

    Administrator Menu

    A key function available to you is back entry of time cards. We give you this capability through our batching tool. By picking the clients and date ranges, you can batch them together for specific billing reports. After closing a batch, those time cards are no longer active. You can then enter late time cards even though the dates have already passed.


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